Win $100 in the NWIA (Virtual) Ugly Sweater Party

With ugly holiday sweaters being all the rage this year, we want to see just how ugly the NWIA board can be.

Bedazzled?  Sparkled? Tinsel emblazoned?  Show us what you’ve got! Christmas Mustaches

Take a selfie of you in your best ugly holiday sweater and email it to us.  Yes, we’re serious.  And, don’t even try pulling our leg.  You know you have one in your closet and we want to see it.

Don’t take selfies?  Have your spouse, camera-equipped teenager, or stranger on the street take a picture of you in said ugly sweater.  We don’t care who does it, just take one.  You’re a REALTOR for heaven’s sake, so don’t even try to tell us you don’t have a camera.  We totally know better.

The more outlandish the photo, the better.  Points are given for creativity, so think outside the box, people. Just keep it G-rated, please.  This is a family show.

All submitted photos will be uploaded to Facebook on Monday, December 14.  The photo with the most “likes” at 10 AM on Friday, December 18 wins a $100 Visa gift card.  Your beautiful, lovely, and (did we mention…) highly talented NWIA staff will also select a Staff’s Choice winner to receive a $25 gift Visa card.

Ummm, yeah.  We said $100.  For a simple picture of you in an ugly holiday sweater.  That’s some serious bribery right there.

Individual or group photos are accepted.  However, only one gift card will be awarded if a group photo is selected as the winner, so you’ll have to find a way to share. (Drinks after work, anyone….???)

No ugly holiday sweater?  Phone a friend and borrow one.  No excuses, people.  Show us your ugliness!

 Email photos to Communications Guru Kerri McKim at  [email protected] before Monday, December 14 and use the subject line “My Ugly Sweater”.

Oh and PS…..thanks to our friends at the Iowa Association of REALTORS for use of their photos from the YPN Ugly Sweater Party at this year’s Winter Meetings in Clive.