Meet The NWIA Staff

Kelly Burge, Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Burge serves as NWIA’s Chief Executive Officer. Kelly has been with the board for 23 years, with 21 of those as the organization’s Executive Officer. Kelly enjoys the variety in her role as CEO, and loves the challenge that each day in the office provides. She feels her sense of humor and strong moral code are her strongest attributes.

In addition to her daily responsibilities, Kelly has worked on a number of statewide projects.  She has served twice as the chair of the Association Executive committee, which is comprised of her peers from around the state.  Kelly was a strong champion of the effort to enact a statewide professional standards process, which ultimately improved the grievance hearing process for all REALTOR® members across Iowa.  She is currently serving her second term as a member of the REALTOR® Foundation of Iowa, and is a member of the state association’s Risk Management committee.

Married to her husband Jim for 45 years, the couple has two married adult children. She feels fortunate to have her kids, their spouses, five incredibly adorable grandchildren, and one VERY, VERY adorable great-grandson, all living nearby. With everyone grown up, Kelly rejoined the world of parenting--- this time to a child with four legs. Her dog, Tucker, brings great joy and laughter, and he can often be seen around the NWIA office during the work day.  (See his employee bio below.)

Evenings and weekends, you’ll often find Kelly attending baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, or hockey events in the area and cheering madly for her talented grandchildren.  Outside the office, Kelly enjoys reading, gardening, taking motorcycling trips, and traveling with her husband.

Heather Frigge, Assistant Executive Officer

Heather Frigge serves as the board’s Assistant Executive Officer. Heather has been with NWIA since January 2002 and does a tremendous job for the board each and every day. Those who know Heather will attest that her sense of humor is second to none, as is her willingness to go above and beyond for our NWIA members.

Heather has enjoyed serving in our community in many ways over the years. She has been a committee member for Siouxland Mental Health Center and was involved with the Siouxland Sleepout for over ten years.  Heather has also been an active member of the Elks Lodge, assisting with the Christmas basket committee.

Originally from California, Heather moved to Iowa in 1996. She has two great kids, and four (soon to be five) incredibly wonderful grandchildren, with a new addition coming in 2021.  Heather recently purchased a motorcycle, and you’re likely to see her buzzing around town on it when the weather is nice.  She also enjoys cooking, both at home and at the office.  Yes, she’s been known to bring in an assortment of cooking gadgets to the office just to whip up a little home cooked lunch. Most weekends, you will find her hosting family and friends for a Sunday afternoon feast, which she affectionately refers to as “Linner”.

In 2020, Heather officially became an empty nester, and is now often busy searching for travel deals to take her to Colorado and California to visit her children. She loves finding great deals on short getaway trips to new locations, and is especially fond of making memories and experiencing travel with her family.

Kerri McKim, Communications Director

Kerri McKim has been involved in the REALTOR® association world since 2011, and has served as NWIA’s Communications Director since 2015. In this role, Kerri manages our website, member communications, and social media in a part-time capacity from her home office.

She previously held her Professional in Human Resources certification, worked for the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce, and served three years as the Executive Officer for the Iowa Great Lakes Board of REALTORS®.

Kerri enjoys being involved in her community, and is in her second term as an elected member of the Spirit Lake Community School District Board of Directors. In 2022 she was named to the Iowa High School Music Association's six member Executive Committee, representing the member districts of the Iowa Association of School Boards. She volunteers extensively for booster clubs supporting music and academic endeavors in the Spirit Lake Community Schools.

Married to her husband Mike for 23 years, the pair are proud parents of two busy kids — a student at Iowa Lakes Community College, and a high school junior.  Some of her favorite things include her early morning cycling class, cheering embarrassingly loudly for the Spirit Lake show choir and marching band, and cleaning things with powdered Tide (yes, it works great on floors!).  A few things she doesn’t like are spiders, coconut in any form, and trying to teach teenagers to drive.

When Kerri is not working, you’re most likely to find her in the laundry room, cooking up a new recipe in the kitchen (homemade pasta is a new obsession) or attending a Spirit Lake music or sporting event.


Tucker Burge, Director Of Visitor Relations

Tucker Burge assumed the role of Director of Visitor Relations at the NWIA office in the winter of 2018, when he was adopted by our CEO and her husband.  Tucker’s day is often focused on greeting visitors and REALTOR® members who come by the office.  He takes pride in providing his ears or belly for rubbing, offering a few minutes of stress relief to all visitors.  Tucker boasts an astounding 100% success rate in making stressed-out REALTOR® members relax and smile.

Responsible for performing regular office safety patrols, Tucker can also be found monitoring traffic on 6th Street via the full glass door on the building’s south side.  Occasionally he is called upon to vigorously defend the board office staff from the rogue bands of squirrels and rabbits that insist on roaming the board’s property.

Though his telephone communication skills need work, members may occasionally hear Tucker when calling the office, as he is a small dog with a very large bark.

Born to be a party animal, Tucker’s birthday is December 31. He enjoys long walks on a leash, playing fetch, quiet naps on his office blanket, and licking any available bare feet, either of his family or people he’s just met. (Sandal wearers beware!)  Tucker always welcomes treats of all kinds, and is proud to be quite unconcerned about his weight.