MLS Rule Change: Disclose Recording Devices

Effective November 1, the NWIA MLS will add a new required field to all Residential and Multi-Unit properties.  The field will be called PROPERTY SURVEILLANCE, and will require a simple Yes or No answer to two questions:

  1. Audio (Yes or No), meaning does the property have any type of audio surveillance capability;
  2. Video (Yes or No), meaning does the property have video surveillance cameras of any kind?

Both questions must be answered as a part of the listing entry process.  Unfortunately, these two questions will be added to all listings, meaning a previously entered listing which is being changed or updated by an agent must also have answers to the Audio (Yes or No), and Video (Yes or No) entered before any changes can be saved.

These questions are being added in our ongoing effort to decrease potential liability for REALTOR® members.  Some NWIA brokerages have already added these questions to their listing agreements and/or property disclosures, and we expect more will do so as time and technology evolve.

TAKE NOTE: If a property does utilize either audio or video surveillance devices, it is strongly recommended that a notice be visibly posted for the public to see when an agent is hosting an open house event.

Questions about this change can be directed to the board office at (712) 255-8810.