REALTOR® Kasey Mitchell Joins Akron City Council

NWIA member and REALTOR® Kasey Mitchell was install111111ed as the newest member of the Akron, Iowa City Council on Tuesday, December 14.  This was Mitchell’s first run for public office.

In an article in The Akron Hometowner newspaper published prior to his election, Mitchell discussed his run for public office.  

“I was brought up in Akron,” he said regarding his motivation to run for the council. “You always see things you’d like to see changed but it doesn’t happen.”

“I’d like to see more voices heard, not just a certain group,” said Mitchell. “Everyone should have an opinion.”

The new solon has several goals for his time in office.  “I’d like to see more business come to Akron and help our existing businesses grow,” said Mitchell, adding he’d like to learn more about the politics in Akron and be a part of that group making decisions for Akron’s future.

Mitchell is an agent in the office of Century 21 ProLink in Sioux City.  He has been a licensed real estate agent in Iowa and REALTOR® member since 2014.