Casanova At Board Lunch In September

As summer shifts toCasanova fall, our board activities switch into high gear again.  We are excited to share our speaker for the next NWIA board luncheon will be Casanova Brooks, an award winning real estate agent, investor, speaker, and CEO. Through his journey achieving high level success in the real estate industry as well as marketing and sales, Casanova has figured out the steps to truly building meaningful relationships and convert sales in any industry.

From growing up on the south side of Chicago to defying the odds of poverty, childhood cancer, and a lack of resources, Casanova still managed to develop a mindset allowing him to create a six figure business and ultimately master the art of selling through building relationships. Casanova firmly believes that in order to reach your greatest potential in any aspect of life, you need to have the right mindset.

Our NWIA board lunch will take place Thursday, September 27 from Noon to 1 PM at the Delta Hotel by Marriott in South Sioux City, NE.  The event is free to all NWIA REALTOR members.  Registration is not required, just show up, eat, and be inspired.

The results of our board of directors elections will also be announced at this meeting.