Board Of Director Nominations Now Being Taken

The Northwest Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS® (NWIA) is accepting nominations from members with an interest in serving on the Board of Directors.  Members may nominate themselves or another member.

Eight seats on the board are available in this coming September’s election.  Those elected will commence their service in October, 2016.  Positions will have staggered terms of one, two, and three years.

Who Can Serve On The Board of Directors?  This is spelled out in our bylaws. In this election, the following members are eligible to run for the open positions.

  • BOD Nominations 2Three seats must be filled by NWIA members who are Broker/Owners. This means the individual must possess a Broker’s license and hold some ownership in the company in which they work.
  • Five seats are available for Sales Agents. NWIA membership in good standing and an active real estate license are required to fill these vacancies.
  • For all eight seats, candidates must be a current member of NWIA and have been a REALTOR® member (of any local board or combination of boards) for a minimum of five years.
  • No more than two REALTORS® from the same real estate firm may simultaneously serve on the Board of Directors.

Given our ability to leverage technology to minimize travel through the use of online meetings, NWIA strongly encourages members from outside of Sioux City to apply for the available board seats.  Voices from outside the Sioux City metro area are especially needed to help us continue our quest to become the strongest REALTOR® association in the state of Iowa.

What Do Board Members Actually Do?  Those elected to serve on the board act as the guiding compass for the organization, overseeing all aspects of the board’s policies and finances. The directors work in tandem with the CEO to make important decisions that impact the long-term strength and health of the NWIA. Sometimes directors help recruit members to support a cause, respond to a call for action or even do silly things like take pies to the face in the name of RPAC fundraising. It’s all in a day’s work when you sign on to serve as a director!

What’s Required of Board of Director Members? In a nutshell, regular attendance, a commitment of time to review and analyze complex data in advance of meetings, the ability to think big-picture, long-term, and make decisions that can be tough or unpopular.  Directors need to be able to positively represent their fellow NWIA members at events, and have time to provide visible support and leadership to all board endeavors.

There’s no question it’s a commitment to serve, but it’s one we believe is valuable to each member who decides to jump in. There’s no better way to learn about your profession and the REALTOR® organization than in a seat at the director’s table.

How Much Time Does It Take To Be A Director?  That’s hard to say, but those considering a run for the board should plan for at least a couple of hours each month.

Since our merger and geographic growth, NWIA has implemented a system which allows many director meetings to be held online, minimizing the need for board members to travel.  However, there will be times when in-person meetings will be necessary, estimated to be four to six annually.  When needed, these face-to-face meetings will be held in Sioux City, and in conjunction with other board events when practical.

Why Is It Such A Big Commitment To Be A Director? Regular attendance at board meetings, whether online or in person, is required of board members.  Those who fail to attend meetings on a regular basis can be terminated from their volunteer role.

Additionally, members elected to serve as a director of NWIA must attend at least two state or national events each year, both to grow their knowledge of the REALTOR® organization and to represent their colleagues from NWIA.  These may include state meetings held in Iowa such as the annual state convention, annual Legislative Bus-In Day, summer meetings or winter meetings.  National meetings, such as the NAR Mid-Year lobbying event in Washington, D.C or the annual NAR convention would also satisfy this requirement. This travel is generally at the member’s expense.

Furthermore, those interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors must demonstrate good faith in supporting RPAC and other board, state, and national causes.

Please keep the lofty expectations of acceptable board meeting attendance, time commitment to attend events, and demonstrable organizational support in mind as you consider applying for available roles.

I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?  Simply contact Kelly Burge at the board office via phone or email and say you’d like to be considered!  Members may either nominate themselves or another member they believe would be a good addition to the board leadership.  Our Nominating Committee will hold a short interview process with each individual, and names of those approved will be placed on the ballot for consideration by the membership.

Election of board members will take place this coming September, with terms beginning in October.

Got Questions?  Need more information or want to understand the specifics of the role in greater depth? Contact NWIA CEO Kelly Burge at the board office, (712) 255-8810. We’re always happy to help you understand more about your NWIA board and how to get involved!