Suggested Protocols For Showings During COVID-19

NWIA Suggested Protocol For Showings

Household cleaning supplies on a counter top

  • If buyers or sellers are feeling ill, or showing symptoms of illness, please DO NOT SHOW.
  • Agents should only allow true buyers inside a property as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
  • Children, parents, friends, colleagues and others should not be permitted at showings.
  • If a party makes an offer, additional viewings can be arranged at a later date.

Sellers And Seller Agent

  • If possible, turn all lights on and open all closet doors and some kitchen cabinets.
  • If sellers have additional safety requests, please notify the buyers agent when scheduling a showing.
  • Additional information may be placed in the showing instructions box in the MLS.

Buyers And Buyers Agent

  • If the home is vacant or sellers are unable to prepare the house for showing (by turning on lights, opening doors, etc.) please use gloves or disinfectant wipes and do so yourself.
  • If sellers request gloves be worn or disinfectant be used when entering house, please comply and ensure your clients do as well.
  • Do not open appliances. This can be done during the home inspection process.
  • Refrain from touching surfaces.
  • Clients should not be permitted to use restrooms in a property.
  • Leave everything as you found it.
  • Clean the lockbox with disinfecting wipes or spray both before and after accessing it, and when leaving the property.

All MLS Members

  • Normally NWIA’s MLS rules do not allow listings to stay in active status if showings are not allowed. Obviously, these are not normal times.
  • If a seller still wishes for their property to be marketed yet they are not comfortable with in-person showings, NWIA will allow the property to stay in active status. “No Showings At This Time” should be noted in the showing instructions.
  • Please note, this policy may change in the future as the pandemic evolves.

REMEMBER – everyone may not have symptoms, but we can all be carriers of this virus. Please do your part to protect our REALTOR family, and the clients who trust us with some of their life’s largest investments.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash