Pack A Sack 2020

Let’s PACK A SACK For The Warming Shelter or Your Local Food Pantry

Bag of food and event datesUsually at our December board luncheon we do some sort of community project to give back to those in need. With that event cancelled (thanks, corona), we’ve come up with a new idea that doesn’t require you to travel and still allows us to support those in need in our communities.  As we all know, the need for help in 2020 has been great and these local organizations depend on community support.

During the week of December 7 to 11, we’re asking all members to PACK A SACK.  You can shop and pack a sack of items/food, or take the EASY OUT option and send us a check.  We know at this season everyone is busy, and circumstances this year may prevent some of us from going out to the stores to shop.  We get it, so the EASY OUT option is available to all for any reason, and we will be happy to see that the funds are used to support a local organization in your area.

  • If you live/work in the Sioux City metro:
    • PACK A SACK of items for the Warming Shelter. This non-profit accepts no government funding, and yet they have successfully kept Sioux City from having any deaths of homeless individuals for the last eight years.  The Warming Shelter is a very worthy cause that’s deserving of our support.
    • Items of most need are as follows.  For food items, please send only microwavable items. No kitchen facilities or cookware is available.
      • Jeans (all sizes, both genders)
      • Underwear (all sizes, both genders)
      • Winter gloves (all sizes, both genders)
      • Women’s winter coats (all sizes)
      • Microwave popcorn
      • Trail mix or other food to eat “on the go”.
      • Ramen cups or similar microwave heat & serve meals. Must be microwave heat and serve only, no kitchen.
      • Coffee/creamer/sugar packets
      • Bottled water
    • EASY OUT! Don’t want to go shopping? Mail us a check for $20 (or more!) and we’ll go shopping for you!
    • Take a photo with your sack or mailing us your check. Email the picture to us.
    • Sacks can be dropped off outside our office door during business hours. Call and we’ll come out to grab it with no contact. Please don’t leave items out overnight, they will be stolen.
  • If you live/work outside Sioux City:
    • PACK A SACK of food items and deliver it to your community food pantry, or your school’s backpack program for children facing food insecurity. All these organizations are seeing an increase in requests for help due to the season and the effects of the pandemic.
    • EASY OUT! Can’t go shopping? Too much going on to make a trip to the store and deliver food?  We got you covered!  Just mail us a check for $20 (or more!) and we’ll pass the gift along to a food pantry in need.
    • Take a photo with your sack(s) or mailing your check and email it to our office.