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Hello New Members

April’s New Members

By Kerri | May 4, 2021 | Comments Off on April’s New Members

Please join us in welcoming the following new members who joined the NWIA REALTOR family recently.  Current contact information for these folks is always available in our online directory here on the website.

Karen Harrison, United Real Estate Solutions
Edgar Lopez Lomeli, FACTOR Realty
Jessica Salcido, Keller Williams Siouxland
Richard “Bryce” Roberts, Realty ONE Group Regency
Angela Nicodemus, Keller Williams Siouxland
Matthew Rector, United Real Estate Solutions

Affiliate Members
Mike McManamy, ToDo List Pro
Chance Bernstrauch, BankFirst

Welcome mat and sunflower

Welcome To Our Newest Members

By Kerri | April 5, 2021 | Comments Off on Welcome To Our Newest Members

It has been a busy year around the office so far in late 2020 and early 2021, as we have welcomed a number of new members to the NWIA organization.  With the launch of our new association management software, our member lists are updated multiple times every hour from our master database, meaning every agent and affiliate member’s most current contact information is available in the directories located here on our website.  Anytime you need to reach someone, that’s the best place to go for their information.

Please help us welcome these members who have joined us in the last four months.  We are glad you are here, and wish you great success in the real estate industry!

Jessica Jager, Century 21 ProLink
Jazmin Chaidez, Century 21 The Professional Group
Callie Wobbema, Century 21 The Professional Group
Katelyn Irwin, Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty, Inc.
Jessica Alvarez, Epic Realty Inc.
Morgan Andringa, Epic Realty Inc.
Stephanie Mohr, J & M Real Estate Group, Inc.
Mary Hallenbeck, Keller Williams Siouxland
Clinton Puhrmann, Keller Williams Siouxland
Kreighton Stokely, Keller Williams Siouxland
Ashley Lewis, Keller Williams Siouxland
Jennifer Deeds, NextHome TriState Realty
Taylor Nygen, Northwest Realty
Joel McCartan, Rasmus Realty
Kellie Strickholm, RE/MAX Preferred
Kathryn Bauer, Signature Real Estate Group of Iowa
Shelley Stabe, Stabe Realty and Auction
Karen Harrison, United Real Estate Solutions

Bag of food and event dates

Pack A Sack 2020

By Kerri | November 25, 2020 | Comments Off on Pack A Sack 2020

Let’s PACK A SACK For The Warming Shelter or Your Local Food Pantry

Bag of food and event datesUsually at our December board luncheon we do some sort of community project to give back to those in need. With that event cancelled (thanks, corona), we’ve come up with a new idea that doesn’t require you to travel and still allows us to support those in need in our communities.  As we all know, the need for help in 2020 has been great and these local organizations depend on community support.

During the week of December 7 to 11, we’re asking all members to PACK A SACK.  You can shop and pack a sack of items/food, or take the EASY OUT option and send us a check.  We know at this season everyone is busy, and circumstances this year may prevent some of us from going out to the stores to shop.  We get it, so the EASY OUT option is available to all for any reason, and we will be happy to see that the funds are used to support a local organization in your area.

  • If you live/work in the Sioux City metro:
    • PACK A SACK of items for the Warming Shelter. This non-profit accepts no government funding, and yet they have successfully kept Sioux City from having any deaths of homeless individuals for the last eight years.  The Warming Shelter is a very worthy cause that’s deserving of our support.
    • Items of most need are as follows.  For food items, please send only microwavable items. No kitchen facilities or cookware is available.
      • Jeans (all sizes, both genders)
      • Underwear (all sizes, both genders)
      • Winter gloves (all sizes, both genders)
      • Women’s winter coats (all sizes)
      • Microwave popcorn
      • Trail mix or other food to eat “on the go”.
      • Ramen cups or similar microwave heat & serve meals. Must be microwave heat and serve only, no kitchen.
      • Coffee/creamer/sugar packets
      • Bottled water
    • EASY OUT! Don’t want to go shopping? Mail us a check for $20 (or more!) and we’ll go shopping for you!
    • Take a photo with your sack or mailing us your check. Email the picture to us.
    • Sacks can be dropped off outside our office door during business hours. Call and we’ll come out to grab it with no contact. Please don’t leave items out overnight, they will be stolen.
  • If you live/work outside Sioux City:
    • PACK A SACK of food items and deliver it to your community food pantry, or your school’s backpack program for children facing food insecurity. All these organizations are seeing an increase in requests for help due to the season and the effects of the pandemic.
    • EASY OUT! Can’t go shopping? Too much going on to make a trip to the store and deliver food?  We got you covered!  Just mail us a check for $20 (or more!) and we’ll pass the gift along to a food pantry in need.
    • Take a photo with your sack(s) or mailing your check and email it to our office.
Member Stamp Showing Membership Registration And Subscribing

Hello, October’s New Members

By Kerri | November 3, 2020 | Comments Off on Hello, October’s New Members

The market is busy and so are our newest members. Join us as we say hello and welcome to the following members who are new to the NWIA organization. Please take time to introduce yourself to these new professionals.  Contact information for all members is available in the membership directory here on our website.

Austin Fuller, Century 21 ProLink
Jose (Chon) Plascencia, Century 21 ProLink
Jeff Carlson, RE/MAX Preferred
Abby Gray, RE/MAX Prime

Affiliate Members
Monica Fay, Availa Bank
Casey Schaef, Action Moving & Storage (new owner)

Application for license

September’s New Members

By Kerri | October 5, 2020 | Comments Off on September’s New Members

It is always enjoyable to welcome new members to the NWIA organization. Please take time to introduce yourself to these new professionals who joined us in September, and welcome them to our industry.  Contact information for all members is available in the membership directory here on our website.

Jordan Coulson, Keller Williams Siouxland
Nickolas Madsen, NAI United
Katie Worden, United Real Estate Solutions

Affiliate Members
Matt Wineland, Wineland Home Inspection LLC
Vince Dattolico, Dattolico Home Inspections
Evan Newman, Cutco Closing Gifts

Welcome mat and sunflower

Summer’s New Members

By Kerri | September 2, 2020 | Comments Off on Summer’s New Members

While 2020 has been a year for the record books in lots of ways, it’s also been quite a positive year in some aspects. We have been delighted to welcome a slew of new members to the NWIA family over the summer months. Please take time to introduce yourself to these new professionals, and welcome them to our happy little group.  Contact information for all members is available in the membership directory here on our website.

Marcus Langseth, United Real Estate Solutions
Jacquelyn Brummond, United Real Estate Solutions
John Calsbeek, Vision Realty
Stephanie Dattolico, Keller Williams Siouxland
Marian Burnett, United Real Estate Solutions
Haley Zahren, Keller Williams Siouxland
Tisha Andrie, Keller Williams Siouxland
Sydney McManamy, United Real Estate Solutions
Scott Delperdang, Keller Williams Siouxland
Gina Grimsley, Realty One Group Regency
Mark Hanson, Keller Williams Siouxland
Shane Monahan, J & M Real Estate
Karen Scott, Century 21 The Professional Group
Karen (Kari) Orr, United Real Estate Solutions
Brock Nohava, Exit Realty Midwest/LeMars

Affiliate Members
Ken Tramp, 360 Maxx Home Inspections
Steve Green, Total Home Inspection

Helly Key

Spring 2020: Our Newest Members

By Kerri | May 7, 2020 | Comments Off on Spring 2020: Our Newest Members

This spring we welcomed the following new members to the NWIA family.  As always, contact information for these folks and all members is available in the membership directory on our website.

Dorinda Oostenink, Epic Realty
Tim Bajema, Midwest Inspections and Testing (Affiliate)
Rob Emerson, Re/Max Preferred

2020 Membership Survey Results

By Kerri | May 5, 2020 | Comments Off on 2020 Membership Survey Results

NWIA offered a membership survey to all board members during April, 2020.  The Board of Directors and NWIA staff will use these results to plan future activities.  We thank everyone who took time to participate, and are happy to share the results with the membership.

Members are reminded they never need to wait for a survey to share their thoughts.  NWIA staff and the Board of Directors welcome feedback and  suggestions, and we invite our members to email or call anytime.

Results of the survey are viewable here.  Open ended text responses are in the second half of the report.

Cleaning Products

Suggested Protocols For Showings During COVID-19

By Kerri | April 8, 2020 | Comments Off on Suggested Protocols For Showings During COVID-19

NWIA Suggested Protocol For Showings

Household cleaning supplies on a counter top

  • If buyers or sellers are feeling ill, or showing symptoms of illness, please DO NOT SHOW.
  • Agents should only allow true buyers inside a property as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
  • Children, parents, friends, colleagues and others should not be permitted at showings.
  • If a party makes an offer, additional viewings can be arranged at a later date.

Sellers And Seller Agent

  • If possible, turn all lights on and open all closet doors and some kitchen cabinets.
  • If sellers have additional safety requests, please notify the buyers agent when scheduling a showing.
  • Additional information may be placed in the showing instructions box in the MLS.

Buyers And Buyers Agent

  • If the home is vacant or sellers are unable to prepare the house for showing (by turning on lights, opening doors, etc.) please use gloves or disinfectant wipes and do so yourself.
  • If sellers request gloves be worn or disinfectant be used when entering house, please comply and ensure your clients do as well.
  • Do not open appliances. This can be done during the home inspection process.
  • Refrain from touching surfaces.
  • Clients should not be permitted to use restrooms in a property.
  • Leave everything as you found it.
  • Clean the lockbox with disinfecting wipes or spray both before and after accessing it, and when leaving the property.

All MLS Members

  • Normally NWIA’s MLS rules do not allow listings to stay in active status if showings are not allowed. Obviously, these are not normal times.
  • If a seller still wishes for their property to be marketed yet they are not comfortable with in-person showings, NWIA will allow the property to stay in active status. “No Showings At This Time” should be noted in the showing instructions.
  • Please note, this policy may change in the future as the pandemic evolves.

REMEMBER – everyone may not have symptoms, but we can all be carriers of this virus. Please do your part to protect our REALTOR family, and the clients who trust us with some of their life’s largest investments.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Hello New Members

New Members In March

By Kerri | April 2, 2020 | Comments Off on New Members In March

Welcome to the following new members who joined our organization in March.  We always enjoy seeing new faces in our association.  Please take time to welcome these members as you have opportunity. Contact information is in the member directory on our website.

Shauna Hovey, Keller Williams Siouxland
Omar Salcedo, Realty Associates
Jennifer Martinez-Alvarez, Keller Williams Siouxland
Karlie Throckmorton, Realty One Group Regency
Troy Griese Coldwell, Banker Associated Brokers
Dorinda Oostenink, Epic Realty