New Members Join NWIA In July

close up of colorful flowers

We’re excited to report that we’ve had three new faces join the NWIA organization in the hot month of July.

Man, it was HOT. Like sweltering, wasn’t it? It certainly makes the flowers lovely, but if we don’t see 80 degree dewpoints and “corn sweat” as news topics again this summer, that would be okay with us around the office.  That kind of outrageous humidity turns your otherwise fresh (and lovely) board staff into completely wilted flowers.

But we digress.

We’re tickled to have one new REALTOR® member and two new affiliates aboard as we kick off August.  Please extend a warm (but hopefully not sweaty) welcome to these folks as you have an opportunity to meet them.  And here’s to hoping for some more comfortable weather in the coming month!

New REALTOR® Member
Scott Simmelink
Siouxland Town & Country Realty, LLC

New Affiliate Members
Lakeside Image
Contact: Heather Bircher

Homeowners Financial Group USA LLC
Contact: Tarra Trumble