Important Info For Supra Users: Changeover Is Coming!

If you are a current Supra Lockbox user you must take note of this important information as we prepare for the changeover to SentriLock boxes on February 12, 13 and 14.

  • SentriLock logoIf you currently use the Xpress key (you do NOT use an app on your phone) you must turn your key in to your Broker no later than Monday, February 25.
  • If you fail to turn in your key, we will be forced to to pass along the fee the Board will be charged. Members who fail to return keys will be invoiced $300 and new Sentrilock services will be suspended until payment is made. Board staff will pick up all keys from Brokerages.
  • Supra keys (both app and Xpress Key) will remain active until midnight Sunday February 24. This gives all agents ample time to exchange all Supra lockboxes to Sentrilock lockboxes on their listed properties. If you will not be able to make the exchange in this time frame, agents need to speak with their Broker to see what help can be provided.  The Board office cannot extend Supra services past February 24.
  • When you remove your Supra lockbox(es), they should be taken to a dumpster which will be located at 911 6th Street in Sioux City beginning February 12. This is the Al Sturgeon Law Office (formerly Re/Max). After collection, the boxes will be recycled.  Note that the dumpster will not be located at the Board Office, due to current renovations. We are grateful to Al Sturgeon for graciously allowing us to use space in his lot.  The dumpster will be removed February 25, so do not delay in making your deliveries.
  • After February 25, individuals still in possession of any Supra lockboxes will need to dispose of them at their own discretion. The Board Office will not accept Supra lockboxes.
  • Any Supra box left on a property February 25 or following will need to be cut it off. Locksmith services will need to be obtained to remove the property keys from inside. This will be expensive, and the listing agent will bear any associated costs.
  • It is vital that all agents make all lockbox exchanges to SentriLock before Monday, February 25.

If you have questions, speak with your broker.  If you need more information, reach out to Kelly at (712) 255-8811.