Get Involved in the Siouxland Sleep Out

The Siouxland Sleep Out is set for Friday, November 6 at the Explorer’s Stadium, 3400 Line Drive in Sioux City. This event raises awareness and funds for programs that support those in need in the Siouxland area. Funds benefit the following groups:
Heather at SleepoutHenry Muller Hall 
Project Restore
Shesler Hall
Community Action Agency of Siouxland
Center for Siouxland
Gospel Mission
Siouxland Sleep Out is a great opportunity for NWIA to support our community, and simultaneously meet one of the NAR mandated Core Standards. Our own awesome Heather Frigge is set to participate in this event, but more help is needed to allow us to use this as a qualifying Core Standard event.
  • Seeking 4 REALTOR members willing to actually sleep out.  Yes, like outside.  In a tent or box.  In November.  And we’re not kidding.  Heather’s experienced and will show you the ropes.  It’s onenight, people.  You’re not going to die.  You might even have fun so grab your rabbit slippers, long johns and mittens and get brave.  If you’re nice, Heather might even lend you a blanket.
  • Seeking 6 REALTOR members who will commit to coming to attend the evening’s events. These include a soup supper, bonfire and musical performances. Bring your spouse, friends and kids for a night of fun. Sleeping out is not required.
  • Too busy to help? TAKE THIS EASY OUT OPTION! Seeking 25 REALTOR members willing to donate money. Your donation in support of Heather and our team’s efforts is an easy way to help us meet a Core Standard and support a very worthy community event. Suggested donation $50+.

    Yeah, $50.  You aren’t sleeping outside in the cold, so show some appreciation for our peeps that are, so your tush can stay home and sleep inside, in your warm cozy bed.

CONTACT HEATHER at the board office, (712) 255-8810 and let her know how you want to be involved.  If you don’t call her, she’s going to call you. And she’s pretty good at shaking people down to get what she wants.  So make the call…NOW.