Escape The Blah: 2016 NAR Conference & Expo in Orlando

NAR Convention 2016Okay, let’s face it.  November in Iowa isn’t exactly the most prime month for weather.  The crops are harvested, leaving behind sad looking fields waiting for the arrival of spring. The colorful fall beauty in your yard has blown to the ground, waiting to be raked into piles, or if you’re lazy, potentially left to rot all winter….and kill your hopes for a lush lawn in the spring.

Late fall yard work is BLAH.

Iowa in November. The cold, damp, and increasingly dark days of approaching winter slow summer’s frenzied pace to a snail’s crawl. You’re tired. Perhaps you’re uninspired to press on in growing your business, avoiding making that next call, or feeling not up to investing in your professional growth. Frankly, you’re feeling wiped out from the summer and fall grind.

You feel BLAH.

Iowa in November. It’s generally cold, often gray, occasionally wet, and sometimes snowy.  Anyone remember the state playoff football games last year had to be postponed because of a blizzard?  And you know you plan your children’s Halloween costumes to accommodate a coat and snow boots if necessary.  It’s IOWA, people.

2016 Realtors Conference & ExpoNovember weather in Iowa can certainly be BLAH.

But, coming this November, you can Escape The Blah. Yes, that’s right, E-S-C-A-P-E the Blah.  Wave ‘buh-bye to it for four glorious days of warmth, sun, and blue skies in the Sunshine State of Florida.  Orlando, to be exact.

We invite you to escape to the NAR Annual Convention!

And get this.  When you escape, you not only get to soak up the fabulous weather (and, eek…. palm trees, which you don’t see in Iowa!), you also get to soak in over 100 outstanding educational classes and leadership development opportunities, over 400 trade show vendors, and an unlimited amount of camaraderie and network building experiences with 19,000 new REALTOR® friends.  And take in a Hall & Oates concert.

Hello?  ONE referral and you’ll have paid for your entire trip, which really isn’t as expensive as you might think.  At the writing of this post, we priced flights out of Omaha for around $350 round trip. Yep, ROUND TRIP, folks.  Plus there are conference discounts for United and Delta.

And if you go, you’ll probably end up making more money than the average REALTOR® member.

What?  More money?  Now you’re listening, right?

It’s true. Since 2008, attendees at the REALTOR® Conference and Expo report making twice the average income from real estate as the typical member of the National Association of REALTORS®. Twice the income.  TWO times more.

Attending really is a no-brainer. You get to Escape the Blah of both your real estate rut and the Iowa weather.  And soak up sun and palm trees, which definitely are not BLAH.

Learn all about the National Association of REALTORS 2016 Conference & Expo right here.  And if you’re going, please let our board office know, just so we can be sure to share your cute sunset selfies by the pool with those who didn’t get to Escape the Blah.